OHCA Oregon Caregiver Spring Summer 2020

The Oregon Caregiver SPRING/SUMMER 2020 www.ohca.com 12 OREGON HEALTHCARE HEROES OREGON HEALTHCARE HEROES Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Oregon’s long term care professionals, along with front line caregivers across the nation and throughout the world, have continued to provide compassionate care to residents and those in need. With an early restriction on visitors in Oregon’s long term care communities, caregivers stepped in, as they always do, to provide meaningful connections between residents and their families and also needed company and friendship from within the communities themselves. OHCA started the #ORHealthcareHeroes social media campaign to document some of these efforts and to showcase the amazing resilience of our sector and heroic deeds that occur day in and day out at long term care communities in Oregon. Now, and every day, we thank our #ORHealthcareHeroes for going above and beyond in providing quality care to Oregonians. Caregivers at Marjorie House in McMinnville pose with boxes of PPE delivered by the Oregon National Guard. Oregon National Guard members delivered PPE to all long term care communities in Oregon. Residents and staff at Cascade Living play hallway bingo. Providers found creative ways to connect residents and families during this crisis, like the Family Connect window at Marjorie House Memory Care.