OHCA Oregon Caregiver Spring Summer 2020

The Oregon Caregiver SPRING/SUMMER 2020 www.ohca.com 6 FEATURE HEALTHCARE HEROES PROVIDING CARE DURING A CRISIS T hree months ago, COVID-19 crept into the state, disrupting every aspect of Oregonian’s lives—from closing schools, to restricting the ability to work in offices and go out to eat, and so much more. Oregonians struggled to deal with physical distancing and financial impacts that are continuing to provide challenges to so many. No sector faced greater challenges than the long term care community. Long term care providers and the state were quick to act to protect those living in long term care commu- nities and swiftly set strict guidelines and restrictions starting as early as late February. These methods proved productive, and it took nearly two weeks for the virus to enter its first Oregon long term care community on March 11. By Catherine Van