OTLA Sidebar May/June 2020

2 • SIDEBAR • May–June 2020 Sidebar is published by the Oregon Trial Lawyers Association and is distributed as a member benefit. Sidebar informs members about OTLA activities and about current events across Oregon, the region and the nation. Reproduction of any material that appears within this publication without permission is prohibited. All text and photos are the work of OTLA staff unless otherwise noted. For editorial and content questions or comments, please contact Nora Fogarty at (503) 223-5587 or at [email protected] . OTLA mission: To ensure access to Oregon’s justice system and promote juries and jury service. THE MONTHLY PUBLICATION OF THE OREGON TRIAL LAWYERS ASSOCIATION May–June 2020 812 SWWashington, Suite 900 Portland, OR 97205 Phone: 503-223-5587 • Fax: 503-223-4101 www.oregontriallawyers.org Membership Director: Kathleen Bergin Executive Director: Beth Bernard Development Director: Nora Fogarty Education Director: Astrid Grigsby-Schulte Deputy Political Director: Jake Hessel Political Director/Lobbyist: Arthur Towers Kazantzakis, “Thank you for taking me where I did not want to go,” is his re- sponse when asked about his guiding philosophy when facing a loss. His colleagues refer to him as humble, a characteristic not often used in reference to a trial attorney with so long and impressive a resume as Don Corson. In the courtroom and outside, he is respected for his professionalism. Judge Kantor says, “Throughout his career, Don has proved himself to be a lawyer’s lawyer. Judges and juries alike respect and admire him… He sets a very high standard for ethics and professionalism.” It is perhaps his attitude towards his clients that best illustrates his character. His recommendation to young lawyers: “I tell people they need to fall a little bit in love with their clients. Not romantically, but you need to care about them as people. That’s what will bring you pleasure and joy in this work. My happiest moments are when I’ve worked hard for a client and really helped them. That’s the best thing you can hope for in this or in any work.” Corson has particular regard for a Harry Philo quote: “The law is never settled until it is settled right. It is nev- er right until it is just, and it is never just until it serves society to the fullest.” In Corson’s own words, “The interests that are aligned against justice are formidable and relentless. It is our job to keep the envelope of justice as broad as possible.” Outside of the practice of law, Cor- son tries to live by these quotes and by the idea of being excellent to others. He enjoys hiking, mountain biking, travelling and time with his family. He also has a passion for photography and creates photo books for his family. His colleagues and friends know he is a kind and generous friend and an unwavering advocate for justice. DISTINGUISHED continued from page 1 Corson, an avid cyclist, gets ready for a ride from his Eugene office. Corson with his wife and law partner Lara Johnson.