PAGD Keystone Explorer Spring 2021

president’s message | their time to this organization which serves and supports our fellow dental professionals. PAGD’s work allows us to worry a bit less knowing someone has our best interest as dentists in heart and in mind. Our leaders learn on the job, but we share common goals and concerns with our members, and this drives the work that we do. We work hard and tirelessly to serve, and I hope that your continued membership will allow PAGD to continue to serve Pennsylvania general dentists for many years to come. This year, no doubt, forced me to grow. It tested my limits. I am proud to have served the time with such a great group of volunteers and look forward to continuing to serve PAGD and AGD going forward. To everyone on the Executive Committee and to our Board of Directors, thank you. It’s often a thankless position, but I would like to acknowledge you and your efforts. It was not an easy year to be in any position of leadership. (Ironically, this is how I began my very first article.) I have always been of the mindset that if I wanted things to change, I needed to step up and create those changes. This was how I initially became involved with organized dentistry. While 2020/21 was a year of survival for us all, it further demonstrated to me the wonderful purpose of organized dentistry and showed the influence of our unified voices. If you have not considered volunteering your time in some fashion before, I advise you to do so. Dentistry is ever changing. We have new challenges to face year after year, and we need dedicated and selfless volunteers to continue our missions and efforts. I want to thank Steve, although thanks will never quite be enough for all he has done for our organization. He helped this organization in more ways than I can list during such times of uncertainty and helped us to provide valuable benefits to our members during this time. I look forward to being back together, in person, once again at our Annual Meeting in May. We have so much to celebrate, namely, our survival during this past year as people, as providers, and as an organization. May God continue to bless you all, Leigh Jacopetti-Kondraski, DMD President, PAGD Keystone Explorer | Spring 2021 3