PLSO The Oregon Surveyor November December 2020

2 The Oregon Surveyor  | Vol. 43, No. 6 From the PLSO Chair Jeremy A. Sherer, PLS PLSO Board Chair MESSAGE FROM THE CHAIR We need both: individualism, so that the new generation can think for themselves and express those ideas to make the world a better place, and conformity, so that people can work toward an agreed-upon and unifying goal. The Education of a Princess T ears of joy and sorrow flow when my mind wanders back to the “princess parties” my daughter so adored as a young girl. Today, she is no longer a little princess because she became a Bat Mitzvah. A Bat Mitzvah is a rite of passage into Jewish adult- hood through the study of the Hebrew language, law, religion, and culture. Although 13-year-olds aren’t adults in our modern view, this rite prepared her to flourish in ways that give her meaning and purpose as a Jew and as a human being. Absent are the tears of joy as our profes- sion struggles to find aspiring Surveyor Princes and Princesses. According to re- search by Steve Townsen, PE, Portland City Engineer, 43% of licensed surveyors are over 61, while only 1% are between the ages of 21 and 31. Our message is not resonating with youth, although youth want to flourish and have a meaningful life. A clear vision, supported by an in- tegrated educational program, makes a strong statement that a career in survey- ing meets those needs. Surveyors agree that education and train- ing are needed, yet differ on how, where, and what is needed. Some say our orga- nization already provides professional development credits through conferences and seminars and argue that specialized certifications and degree programs in arts and sciences are available through other institutions. Unlike other forms of education, our or- ganization is uniquely positioned to offer opportunities that promote our vision in a way that not only compliments other forms of learning, but contrasts from the conventional understanding of educa- tion. It is for this reason that PLSO should prepare, equip, and educate the rising generation and the general surveying