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The Oregon Surveyor  |  28 Vol. 43, No. 6 llt iaJljj gtftorimu ASTOKIA, OREGON: SUNDAY . ,.JDLY 28. 1889. ISSUED EVERY MORNING. (Monday excepted.) J. P. HALLORAN & COMPANY, PublishersandProprietors, ASTOKTAX BUTLDIXO, - - CASSSTItKET. Terms ofSubscrlption. Served bvCarrier, per week...... . 15 cts Hent by Mail, per month . oects " " one year...... -- S7.00 Free ofpostage tosubscribers. Thk Astokiax guarantees to Its adver tisersthe largestcirculation of any newspa- per published on the Columbia river. Stages will connect with streetcars for Alderbrook this afternoon. Harvest bauds up the country re- fuseto work for less tbau 3 a day and board. Tbe Columbia arrived from San Francisco with 72 tons freigbt for As- toria yesterday. Tbe clam stands tbe summer weath-e-r better tbau tbe oyster. In fact, tbe clam is full of grit Tbe ilag on Co. "H's" bead quarters was at halfmast yesterday, im mem- ory or tbe late W. II. McKean. Tbe Pat Killin atbletic combination will give asparring exhibition at tbe opera bouse Friday, August 3rd. Joe tbe Turk is tbe original of all tbe pictures of tbe sbab of Persia tbat we see in tbe illustrated papers. Tbe Cascades arrived down last evening witb tbree barges of rock and one barge ofcoal for Fort Stevens. Tbe Columbia brougbt up yester- day two hundred men to work on tbe railroad, near Spokane and Coeur d'Alene. Tbe Vienna restaurant will set one of their famous dinners witb a rare dessert and with chicken and game to order. Among the freigbt of the Columbia yesterday, was a gun, gun carriage and ammunition wagon, consigned to Lieut O. L Straub, Fort Cauby. "They toldus in Portland tbat your road was only a little narrow gauge affair," said tbreeeastern visitors yes- terday. Contemptible, but character- istic. The firstregimentband of Portland gave a fine instrumental concert in front of tbe Occident last evening be- fore returning to Portland on the Undine. The StateofCalifornia sailed for San Francisco yesterday with the following freight from Astoria: 1,735 bdlsshooks, 3G3 Mis pulp, 179 sks oysters and 5 tons assorted truck. Till noon auditor and police judge Jewett will receive bids for raisiug No. One's engine bouse to tin; established grade. Here is a good chance to find out where''the estab- lished grade'' is. Governor Ross, formerly of Kansas, and one of theUnited States senators who stoodbyAudrewJohnson in the impeachment proceedings, is now em- ployed as a printer inthe officeof the Santa Fe New Mexican. Last Tuesday while Charley Coewas driving two yoke of oxen at Cole Bros.' camp, at Bear creek, a large fir tree fell across the road just as tbe four oxen were passing, instantly kill- ingall four, worth about SGOO. A "Protective Association," to which yousubscribe $3 for tbe privilege of buying books, is the latest enterpriso being diligently workedby an itiner- ant agent The best protective asso- ciationistobuy books from our local bookstores at just as low figures as traveling agents can offer them. Tbe Gen, Canby leaves at 8 o'clock this morning for Hwaco andNacot-tab- , touching at TanzyPoint, Ft Ste- vens and Fort Canby. She will start from Hwaco at 5p. m., on the return trip. The same trip will be made "to- morrow returning from Hwaco at G:45, p. m. Fare each way fifty cents, one dollar forthe round trip. Aud now it is said thatBebring sea, besides being filled witb seals, abounds with all sorts of fish, the mostimportant of which is the genu-- me mackerel, of tbe same quality that isfound in the Bay of Fundy and on the eastern coast If this be true, mackerel fishing in the north will be amostimportant industry. Thesteamer Undine came down on an excursion of the 1st Reg't, O.N. G., bandyesterday, bringing a very slim crowd. J. J. Hauser engineered tbe excursion and is out about S150 on the day, though be can stand it, as be madeabout $200 on tbe Multnomah's excursion on the Fourth. Yesterday wasn't a good day for excursions, anyhow, there being five boats from Portland. On the county clerk's desk, amid dry documents and legal rolls, liesa dainty whito kid glove. White kid gloves speak of orange blossoms, brides, aud tbeetcetras, and seem out of place among warrauty deed's and mortgages. Inquiry elicited the fact that oue day last week ayoung gen- tleman camein to get apermitto com- mit matrimony and in tbe hurry and excitement incident to tbe occasion forgot biswliitekid glove. Capt Bell, of the steamer .4. B. Field, who arrived from Tillamook Thursday, reports that a Columbia river fishing net marked J. 0. H., drifted into Tillamook bay Wednes- day with twosalmon, two steelheaos, twosturgeon, twosharks and a devil fish in it He also reports tbe steamer James A. Garfield lying alongside the dock of tbe Truckee lumber company, full of water. Also thesteamerSouth Coast fully loaded, waiting for high tides to cross thebar. Mr. Jackson, who has charge of the party of surveyors and civil engineers who arelayingout, and platting the new building property at Smith's Point, desires toobject to tbe custom of indiscriminate shooting. Three times last week his books and field notes were perforated with shot, and twice the hats of his men were plugged full ofholes by shot, thebats beingontbe beads of the men at the time. Thesemenhave'nt their lives insured, and respectfully ask that par- ties going out to Smith's Point to shootwill please not shoot towards where they are. Otherwise they may take a band themselves, and accident-l- y plug two or threeshootists so tbat a doctor would make good day wages pickingtbe shot out of them. THE KOUTK OF THE KlnD. A Pleasing Bit ofhens Fur Autorians. R. A. Habersham returned to the cityyesterday and went to Portland last evening. He has been, with his two parties of surveyors, making apreliminary ob- servation of tbe best route for the rail- road from the Willamette valley to Astoria, andwent as far as tbesummit. Heisdelighted with the aspect of tbe country, and the easy grades found. The line of the road will start at Condit's, thence to Sackett's mill, thencebyway of Lewisaud Clarke's, through Townships 5-- aud , to the Fishhawk, and so on to the valley. The grade will not be over 1 per cent. 53feet to the mile in auy place. TJpou his return he will at once put the regular surveyors towork, audthe next thing in order will be grading for the rails. PEILSONAL MENTION". C. H. Cooper and wife ent to Bay View last evening. Hon. A.S. Bennett, formerly judge in this judicial district, is in the city. Mrs. Eugene Brock aud children returned from an extended trip to Oakland, Cal., yesterday. Mrs. Lee Lewis of Portland arrived in tbe city last evening on a visit to her brother Julius Strauss. President L. A. Loomis and secre tary J. R. Goulter of the I. R. & N. Co., were in the city yesterday, W. L. Garcttson and wife. Miss Sarah Loeb,J. P. Howe, and D. H. Welch came down on tbe rotter last evening. Private B. Kellar, of Battery B., 1st Artillery, of Fort Canby came up yes-terd- on bis way to Vancouver, W. T., to take part in the Pacific coast annual shooting tournament. Funeral of W. H. MrKean. Tbe funeral of tbe late W. H. Mc Kean will be from Capt, J. G, Hust- - lors residence at two ggiooh tins afternoon. Those who wish to view the remains can do so from 10 to 12 a m. The services will be at the Presbyterian church. The interment will beonthe bill. It 13 well with Willie, dear ones, He has gone to dwell with God. It is well, and heaven rejoices, Though our hearts nclie neath the rod. It iswell. Heslumbers sweetly: 'Tis the sweetest ofallsleep, For, "Who falls asleep in Jesus isevenuore snail wnketo weep.1 It iswell. For him nosorrow. No more tears, no torturing pain. Still then hearts these augin'shed griev-- incs. Oursad lossishisrich gain! It is well. OhFather, help us Each tosay"Thy willbedone." May we allreceiveThy plaudit When our earthly courseis run, Funeral Notice Co. If." O. N. G. The members of this company will assemble at their armory this Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock, fullyuniformed and equipped toescort the remains of our late comrade, W. H. McKean, to. thehillside oemotery for interment By order W. A. Sherman 1st Lt Comd'g. J. H. Johaksen, IstSerg't Notice. AH members of the Y-- C. T. U., are hereby requested to meet atthe Y. M. C. A. Rooms, at 1 :30 o'clock this af- ternoon, to attend the funeral of the late V. H.MeKean, who was an hon- orary member of this organization. Byorder, President. California Ilouse to Rent, Corner Washington and Second streets. Storeroom suitable for any kind of bus- iness. Furnished rooms upstairs. I.os(. A Qold Ulove liuttoncr; finder will be rewarded by leaving itat residence of F. J. Taylor. Wanted By the 1stof August acottage of 5 or G rooms, or 3 unfurnished rooms for light housekeeping. Address F.D.R., Orcall at Occident ho el bar. July 27th, 1889. Alex Gilbert's Place For sale. Call andsatisfy yourself. TelepUoueliOUffmc HouBe. Best Beds In town. - Rooms per night 60 and 25 cts., per week 81.50. New and clean. Private ontranre. Steals Cooueil to Order. Private rooms for ladles and families: at Central Restaurant, next to Foard & Stokes'. If you want to have a tine suit of clothes goto theParis Tailor. He can make the best fitting suits and sells the cheapest. Don't buy any clothing, but go at once to thePans Tailor first. He keeps the finest selections at the cheapest prices, and trnsj out the bdt work in Astoria.' Tender, Juicy Steak at Jeff's. THE MEMBER PEOM NEBRASKA. The Eemarks of Congressman Dorsey. As Reported in the Portland Telegram. "Yes," said Mr. Dorsey, "we had a glorioustime. I never enjoyed my- self better than while going down on tbesteamer Pot Pot oh, yes, Pot- ter. Lots of pretty girls went down with us, and sir, do you know I think you have some of the prettiest women in the whole, wide world. We reached Astoria about three o'clock yesterday afternoon, and our recep- tion there was most flattering. Al- mostimmediatelyupon reaching the city, we were takenaboard the United States government tug Geo. H. Men-dal-l, down to Fort Stevens. A mag- nificentspot is that! We then took the tramway, a delightful ride, and reachedtheend of the bigjetty which isnow being built We were taken up, one by one, just as if we were big blocks of stone,and lifted high in the air, andswung out by tbe huge con- struction derrick. Doyou know that while I was out at the end of the tramway I felt nearer to China than ever before? "Not only myself, but the whole party, every mother's son of us, was completely surprised at what we saw, and thewords of Congressman Binger Hermann were to us a revelation. While we were out on the jetty, the congressman told us that if the next two congresses would only make as generous appropriations as tbe last congress djij, the jetty and all other improvements alongthe river and at the mouth of it would be completed, and tbe expense would be done witb forever. I have heard a great deal about coastimprovements for Qrogou, but all tbe speeches that have over been uttered on the subject neverbad a semblance-o- f the effect upon me that Mr. Hermanu's short recital, and a view of thesituation, produced yes- terday. I said tothe party: ' 'Gentlemen, this work of improve- ment must not be allowed to stop for the want ofmoney. I nm in favor of working for such an appropriation as will complete the wfiolp tiling, mul make quick work of it. Vote the money in a lump.' Every member of our party who has a voice in congress concurred witb me. I will tell you what my formerimpressions were re- garding this matter. During my service in congress, I induced myself to believe, alongwith scores of others, that the present generation would never live to see the work completed. We actually thought that it was such a stupendous operation that twenty years' time would be required, to fin- ishit, Now I know that two or three years at tbe farthest will find every- thing done and everybody satisfied. "Yourdelegation in congress, con- sisting of senators MitchellandDolph and congressman Hermann, cannot be discounted for bard work. They haveearned a reputation for being energetic, andhavedonemorefor Or- egon thanany of their fellow congress- men ever believed anyone could do. No one but those who were present all the time knows what ahard pull they have had, to get the appropria- tions already made."" 1 "don't think they will ever lie so badly crowded tbat way again. When the matter of appropriations comes up again, I and my fellow visitorshere now will come up with it; and we will shout over congressman Hermann's shoulder, 'He's allright!' " "We left the government works at 530. just at the hour whenthe sun is passing down to the horizon,andcast ingbeautiful multi-colore- d tints over tbe ocean, and flooding everything in aglorious light. At Q;R1 we reached, storla again, and here we weremet by th.e Astoria board of trade, who escorted us up to amost enjoyable dinner, where nothing but facts aud truths prevailed. We did but little joking. Burrows pouldn't joke. Efe was too full of salmon; wp all were. Salmon is fjrst class eating; in faqt, tbe memory of tbe sample we got at that dinner is richer than the genuine pastern article. Afterour dinner was over, we went through apacking es- tablishment, Thesalmondidn't taste so good after that; still it was rich too rich, in fact We were shown Um modus operandi in every partipulari aud then departed for Portland, on lAirline, at 8:15 in the evening." Halibut on theSouthern Oregon Coast. A report of the offlcbrs of the fish commissioner's steamer Albatross, ia to the effect tbat no halibut were foundsouth of CapeFlattery. Well.they aresouth of Capo Flattery, neverthe- less, because several large ones have been caught off the entrance to Coos bay and the Coquille. (Jooi Bay News, 24. AND SO IN DUQUESXK MUST BEXUESXE. A maiden there isofDnqneano, Whotoprocrastination isfueanej She starts for thecity, But more fa the pity-Invar-iably misses tbe truesne. Chicago Mail. That tired feeling Is entirely over- come by Hood's Jsarsaparilla. which creates an appetite; rouses the liver, cures headache, aud gives renewed strength and vigor to the whole body. Be sure to get Hood's Sarsapanlla. which is peculiar to itself. Sold byall druggists. The Paris Tailor Has Just received the most elegant Stock of Spring and Summer Suitings. Don't miss going tosee him. He. turns outElegantFits, and sells very cheap. Notice. The Main Street House affords good accommodations at $1 per day. Regu- lar boarders, Single Rooms, $5.50 per week. Two persons occupying one room, $5 per week. Day board, per week, $4. Wcinuard.'s Beer. AndFree Lunch at the Telephone Sa- loon, 5 cents. Gtalliren CryftrPiteftep's Castorla GET IX AND DRILL. The Firemen's Tournament to BeHeld In September. Chief ltainoy went out yesterday after- noon among tho business menwitha sub- scription paper toraise the funds tomake up purses for tho firemen's tournament in September. The firstmanmet wasD. P. Lewis whomade it $f0. Chnrles T. Uhlman subscribed 100. This the chief considered verygood for a starter, as ho had onlybeen out about ten minutes. Twoof the boyswerealso out with pa- pers, and there isnodoubt but funds for handsome purses will bo easily raised. A veryenthusiastic meeting of "tho volun- teer firedepartment washeld, at which it wasdecided that tho tournament must bemade agreat success. Companies in the Northwestern firemen's association willcompete for tho prizes, which willbe $3,000 in purses, beside liberal prizes which willbemade upbybusiness houses aud enterprising citizens of Tacoma in addition thereto. Two tournaments have already been held in this city in its more adolescent days, which were considered asgreat events in their day,chiefKainey, being then asnowamoving spirit in fire circles. The tournament will last three or four days and willbeheld about the middle ofSeptember. Tacoma Qlohe, 2G. That sounds like business. Tbe constitution and s say that there must be first a" meeting of tbe board and that the tournament can't be held till ninety days after such meeting, etc., butthis provision cau be ignored owing to tbe exigencies of the occasion. Thesecretary of the associ- ation resides here, aud the president in Walla Walla,and it has been diff- icult to have a busiuessmeeting. The Astoria fire department will Iig qn dool:, us usual, but will have no picnic A little drilling, however, is all that will be needed to got there in great shape. It is none too soon, to bfgin, right now, 'satternoon. The Albany and Astoria Kailroad. A prominent citizen of Astoria, who is connected with the Astoria and South Coast railway, has written to a gentleman in this city for information concerning the movements of tbe Al- bany and Astoria. Railway company, asking if thoy mean business, and what thoy aro doing. The people of Astoria are determined to have rail- roadconnection with the Willamette valley and they are naturally inter- ested in the Albany and Astoria road. Tbe latter company, which is duly incorporated with a capital stock of 1,000,000, has a party of en- gineers aud surveyors in tbe fields who have surveyed tbe mute from Albany as far a Independence, The company has got apart sufficient money to complete tho survey, aud lopatp the road to Astoria The stockholders of the company are some of the city's wealthy citizens and a well founded rumor is abroad that railroad men with ample capital are backing the enterprise, and will take hold of it as soon as such survey is completed and the right of d, 2G. Kp.oel, Tlje transition fvoin long, lingering ami p.'tinful sickness to robust health marks an epoch in the life of the Indi- vidual. Such a remarkable event is treasiued In the memory and the agency whereby the good health has been at- tained is gratefully blessed. Hence it is that somuch is heard in praise of Elec- tric Bitters. So many teel they owe their restoration to health tothe use of the Great Alterative and Tonic. 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Onand after this date, until further no- tice, wowill furnish lumber at the Mill, at the following prices : Uoiigh Lumber S 8 per M ft. Flowingand Bustle fis " " WEST SHORE MILLS CO. Astoria, April 10,'80. living TIIE OF THE Hwaco Bay GRAND SUMMER RESORT. The comins County loca- tion, principal town County, platted market. Opportunity Profitable Investment. Upwards A. W.T. Coffee opnts, the Kestaurant. IN Welt Koliler & te Music louse, SOLE AORXTS The MATCHLESS DECKER BROTHERS, ivers Pond C. Fischer Pianos, ALSO Mason & Hamlin and A. Chase Co.'s Organs. Catalogue and Prices. WINTER & HARPER, Morrison PORTLAND, OR. Merchandise Dep't Separate. FISCHER, Proprietor. J. 0. DEALER CIGARS AND TOBACCO, FRUITS, NUTS, Candles. Smokers' Articles, New Goods Received Opposite City Hook Htore. For Sale. Steamer Office Fixtures One Safe, Lot Boats, And entire Plant Salmon Cannery Consisting Boiler. Rctorts: Snider Machines, Presses. Etc., Ktc. Will sold purchasers. Also Sawmill Lewis and Clarke River, Together with 1C0 acres Leased, and acresTimberLand, Mill first class condition turning shingles, snooks, lumber. Geo. W. Hume. Send 10 Cents, GREATEST NOVELTY F logue age, PORTLAND NOYELTY CO.. Box 547, Portland, Astoria Real Co. Office First Door South of OddFellows Building Offer for Sale on Reasonable Terms, Several Lots of City and Farm Property. will aGeneral Commission and Brokerage Business. Persons adistance rely upon havingany Order for thePurchase Sale Properties intrusted to care, promptly andfaithfully attended ASTORIA REAL ESTATK CO.. H. D. CRAY, Manager. E. C. LEWIS, Secretary. EALAND Railroad Terminus & Shoalwater Railroad. A Seat. This line soon to be the inPacific W.T., is now in lots blocks isin the Here is a Rare for Ijots for Sale for $50 and B. SEAB0RG, Hwaco, and cake, tpn at Central s Danity, Piques, EnglishNamsook Lawns, Ferdinand Demity, Lawn, Pique, Embroidered French Corded Victoria Indian Bishops H. THE FOR & and J. & B. Wi ite for 71 St., Sheet Musicand B. W. CLINTON IN Etc Dally, "Belshaw," 1 Fishing the ofmy of be In lots to my on of 1C0 is in for out or OR THE CATA- - of the to Or. Estate the And do at can or of our to. and and suit J. it ! ! Good CJ me nt Cloth, Swiss. House of Astoria. Gentlemen ! If You Do WantaSho That is Al TlMlll PilKl Tlfill I Can Show You Something New In Kangaroo And French Calf, Too! Herman Wise The Reliable Dealer in Gents7 and Boys' Wear, Occident Hotel Building. Featured Article Surveyors in the News Surveyors were much in the news during the development of Oregon. Through the archives of the University of Oregon Library, this column revisits and celebrates some of those stories of our profession. Don’t Shoot The Surveyor! By Pat Gaylord, PLS The Daily Astorian Astoria, Oregon June 28, 1889 The Daily Astorian of July 28, 1889, carried three stories of surveyors. Two of the stories covered the sur- vey of railroad grades from Astoria to the Willamette Valley. The third story may echo the experiences some of us have had or have come close to while surveying land devel- opments in the modern day! “Mr. Jackson, who has charge of the party of surveyors and civil engineers who are laying out and platting the new building property at Smith’s Point, desires to object to the custom of indiscriminate shooting. Three times last week his books and field notes were perforat- ed with shot, and twice the hats of men were plugged full of holes by shot, the hats being on the heads of the men at the time. These men haven’t their lives insured, and re- spectfully ask that parties going out to Smith’s Point to shoot will please not shoot towards where they are. Otherwise they may take a hand themselves, and accidentally plug two or three shootists so that a doctor would make good day wag- es picking shot out of them.” Author’s Note: Based on a 1949 USGS Quadrangle map, Smith Point is located at the western edge of Astoria where Young’s Bay meets the Columbia River.  x