VAA Virginia Asphalt Fall/Winter 2019

24 FALL/WINTER 2019 Theoretical Maximum Density (TMD) for each sublot to determine percent compac- tion (density). Contractor Quality Control Program It should also be noted that the overall Contractor Quality Control Program (CQCP) requirement is now a separate pay item (100-13). The CQCP is required for all federally funded projects over $500,000 and is encouraged for use on all projects. This lump sum item is processed following a schedule of five separate partial payments throughout the life of the project. The first payment is associated with the approval of the CQCP and completion of the Quality Control/Quality Assurance workshop (25%). Then, following acceptance of the project, the final payment (10%) is received. This change moves the FAA more in-line with many state DOT’s around the country. This specification also includes a provision to pay for tack as a separate pay item (603.5-1). This item is paid for in measurements of either gallons or liquid tons of material. P401 Requirements and Allowances There are also changes associated with the overall P-401 requirements and allowances. One positive change raises the threshold for the use of this specification to pavements supporting aircraft greater than 30,000 lbs, increased from the former threshold of 12,500 lbs. Additionally, the opening guid- ance statement of this specification dictates that, “For airfield pavement projects at non primary airports, serving aircraft less than 60,000 lbs (27216 kg), state highway specifications may be used in states where the state has requested and received FAA approval to use state highway specifica- tions.” This important change certainly allows a contractor the ability to economize mix selection and usage across highway and airfield projects. In summation, there are many additions and changes within the overall Advisory Circular. Changes such as these can be far-reaching and must not be overlooked when preparing for an FAA/Airfield project. Carve out some time and review in detail these new specifica- tions. In that review, one will find a pathway to a higher quality project that, in turn, is more economically pliable. Required Grade Bump Aircraft Gross Weight High Temperature Adjustment to Asphalt Binder Grade All Pavement Types Pavement area with slow or stationary aircraft ≤ 12,500 lbs (5670 kg) -- 1 Grade < 100,000 lbs (45360 kg) 1 Grade 2 Grade ≥ 100,000 lbs (45360 kg) 2 Grade 3 Grade Norfolk International Airport, Paving by Virginia Paving Company