VAA Virginia Asphalt Fall/Winter 2019

30 FALL/WINTER 2019 VIRGINIA EDUCATION CENTER FOR ASPHALT TECHNOLOGY (VECAT) 2020 MCS Calendar Class dates and times are subject to change. Students attending classroom classes should check with Germanna close to the scheduled date and time to verify schedule, especially during adverse weather conditions. Asphalt Field Field I: January 14–15 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT Field II: January 15–16 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT Field I: February 4–5 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT/3rd Location TBD Field II: February 5–6 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT/3rd Location TBD Field I: February 25–26 // Virginia Western CC Field II: February 26–27 // Virginia Western CC Field I: March 17–18 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT/Virginia Western CC Field II: March 18–19 // Daniel Technology Center/FredCAT/Virginia Western CC Asphalt Plant Plant I: January 28–29 // FredCAT Plant II: January 29–30 // FredCAT Plant I: March 3–4 // FredCAT Plant II: March 4–5 // FredCAT Slurry Seal and Surface Treatment Slurry Seal: February 19 // Daniel Technology Center/Rappahannock CC Slurry Seal: March 11 // FredCAT/Virginia Western CC Surface Treatment: February 20 // Daniel Technology Center/Rappahannock CC Surface Treatment: March 12 // FredCAT/Virginia Western CC Pavement Recycling Plant: March 31 // FredCAT Field: April 1 // FredCAT FDR: April 2 // FredCAT Mix Design Mix Design: February 10–14 // FredCAT Mix Design: March 23–27 // Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) Plant I, Plant II, and Mix Design Proficiencies Begin March 2 // FredCAT and Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI)