CNGA LooseLeaf August/September 2018

colorad o LooseLeaf  August/September 2018 4 CNGA— HERE FOR THE MEMBERS By Allison Gault, MBA, CAE CNGA Executive Director CNGA – Advocating for You through Thick & Thin Congratulations, you made it through another busy season! In talk- ing with members, it sounds like many of you had a very good, if not a record year. The growth in Colorado and our thriving economy has helped our industry tremendously, and it’s highlighted several business issues, such as labor. We’re continuously keeping track of federal legislation that will impact the labor pool, signing onto letters and working with AmericanHort to ensure the green industry is heard and considered when drafting new legislation. In addition, our engagement with Green Industries of Colorado (GreenCO) allows us access to state senators and representatives. During the legislative session (January–May), we provide feedback and input on bills that would impact our industry. GreenCO is a known entity around the capital, and it’s not uncommon for legisla- tors to solicit feedback from our lobbyist and Legislative Committee. In 2018, we saw a record number of bills and provided positions on 30 bills. The Modernization of the Nursery Act was one of those bills and successfully passed. If you haven’t read the GreenCO year-end report, I would encourage you to view it on our website. Involvement in advocacy both on the federal and state levels is a vital benefit of your membership. Another aspect of a booming economy is considering how you should plan for the future. Are you looking to expand your business, purchase equipment or considering the addition of another service line? Planning for the future when you have additional capital is vital for business growth. So is knowing when the next recession or economic downturn may come. At our Owners & Managers Leadership Retreat on November 2 and 3 in Colorado Springs, Dr. Marco Palma from Texas A&M will be sharing the most recent data on the economy and industry. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to gain access to the newest data and hear from a colleague of Dr. Charlie Hall on what the future economy holds. You can register on the CNGA website. Over the next few months, we have a lot of CNGA events, including our free BBQs. I hope to see you and your staff at the events and catch up! As always, let myself, Ben or Michelle know if we can help you in any way.