OTA Dispatch Issue 1, 2022

24 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks—2022 Portland Has Three Pain Points EACH YEAR, the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) issues their Top 100 Truck Bottlenecks. While Oregon freeways may not carry the largest number of vehicles in the country, the Portland area is not immune to congestion and bottleneck situations—as many of you well know. Three Portlandarea spots have the dubious distinction of landing on ATRI’s 100 Top Bottlenecks. At #28 is the interchange of I-5 at I-84 (Rose Quarter). At #33 is I-5 at the Columbia River, or the Interstate Bridge. Coming in a bit further down the list at #83 is I-5 at I-205 (South). OTA has been actively engaged on projects that were proposed to address the issue of congestion in the Portland area. And, as Oregon carriers are aware, the trucking industry is already funding them through an incremental increase in weightmile taxes—specifically for the Rose Quarter Improvement Project. Unfortunately, little progress has been made due to outside influences that have shifted project goals away from congestion relief to those of equity and social justice. This is why it is so important that members speak up and take part in the discussions around these projects. There are plenty of well-funded environmental and other special interest groups who are only too happy to share their “vision” for the routes that we depend on to move goods. Freight movement has to be part of the solution, and that story starts with you. Take a survey. Comment publicly or in written form. Your participation matters and a lack of participation could have consequences for our entire industry. Since 2002, the American Transportation Research Institut (ATRI) has collected and processed truck GPS data in support of numerous U.S. DOT freight mobility initiatives. Using truck GPS data from more than 1 million freight trucks, ATRI develops and monitors a series of key performance measures on the nation’s freight transportation system. Among its many GPS analyses, ATRI converts its truck GPS data into an o going truck bottleneck analysis that is used to quantify the impact of traffic congestion on truck-borne freight at over 300 specific locations. While other outside analyses may identify congested corridors, no dataset available today specifically identifies granular chokepoints in the nation’s truck freight transportation system. With the November 2021 enactment of the Infrastructure Investment and J bs Act, ATRI’s top truck bottleneck list is poised to guid investment decisions to address the nation’s supply chain challenges. ATRI’s annual Top Truck Bottleneck Analysis used a full year of truck GPS data from 2021 to calculate the top chokepoints for 2022. Throughout 2020 and into 2021, the trucking industry continued to deliver essential goods to keep America moving during and beyond the pandemic. While 2020 saw greatly reduced traffic congestion as a result of car drivers sheltering in place, 2021 saw traffic levels rebound as more Americans returned to work and consumer demand for goods and services continued to grow. Consequently, supply chain bottlenecks occurred roughout the country. CA WA TX GA TN NY CT 11.2% year-over-year Texas .................. 14 Georgia ................ 9 Tennessee ........... 9 California ............. 8 Washington ......... 7 Connecticut ......... 6 NewYork .............. 6 STATESWITH THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF TOP 100 BOTTLENECKS: For more information on ATRI’s Top Truck Bottleneck analysis, including a detailed description of the methodology, visit www.TruckingResearch.org. TOP 100 BOTTLENECKS WITH AVERAGE TRUCK SPEEDS <45 MPH: NUMBER OF STATES WITH AT LEAST ONE TOP 100 BOTTLENECK: 30 AVERAGE PEAK HOUR TRUCK SPEED: 38.6 mph San Bernardino, CA I-10 at I-15 #9 Houston, TX I-45 at I-69/US 59 #3 Chicago, IL I-290 at I-90/I-94 #6 Fort Lee, NJ 1-95 at SR 4 #1 Cincinnati, OH I-71 at I-75 #2 Chattanooga, TN I-75 at I-24 #10 Atlanta, GA I-285 at I-85 (North) #4 Atlanta, GA I-20 at I-285 (West) #5 DOWN 43% 2022 TOP TRUCK BOTTLENECKS • BY THE NUMBERS Los Angeles, CA SR 60 at SR 57 #7 Dallas, TX 1-45 at I-30 #8 Top US Truck Bottlenecks