OTA Dispatch Issue 2, 2022

22 Oregon Trucking Associations, Inc. Oregon Truck Dispatch Lanny has an extensive list of why members should become actively involved in OTA, among them are shaping the regulations and laws that govern the industry and having a direct connection to information on industry issues. He also sees the value in working with other businesses in the industry to develop solutions and address problems. “OTA gives us the chance to learn from others in similar situations, facing similar challenges,” explains Lanny, “You always have someone you can reach out to who will immediately understand what you’re talking about and it’s as easy as picking up the phone.” Lanny admits that he didn’t really understand the true value in membership with OTA or ATA until he became actively involved, but now appreciates the relationships he’s built and knowledge he’s gained. He’s attended several OTA conventions and has met a lot of people over the years. Lanny says it’s encouraging to see these local businesses continue to grow, with some now on the second or third generation. He recalls first meeting A&M Transport’s Andy Owens, Sr. at an event, then his son Andy Owens, Jr. and now his children are getting involved. “You have to respect the resources and time that people invest in the industry and in OTA and it’s been rewarding to see the results of those investments,” Lanny continues, “The trucking industry isn’t necessarily easy, but it is rewarding.” When it comes others getting involved in OTA, Lanny has a few suggestions. First, take advantage of the training and events that OTA offers. Get to know other members through these avenues and other gatherings. Then, as you learn more about everything that OTA does, find a committee of interest and participate. “Like a lot of other things in life, when it comes to OTA membership you get out what you put in,” concludes Lanny. OTA Carrier Member, cont. (Left to Right): Cassandra Marsh, Harley Freitas, Lanny Gower, and Jack Martin.