PLSO The Oregon Surveyor January/February 2022

18 The Oregon Surveyor | Vol. 45, No. 1 2022 Annual Conference SOT YS U R V E Y O R O F T H E Y E A R Pat Gaylord, PLS 2021 The Surveyor of the Year award is the opportunity to recognize a member of the professional community that stood out among the crowd for their contribution to PLSO and the profession. We can’t think of someone who deserves Surveyor of the Year more. Pat Gaylord was born into the land surveying profession and pretty much raised in the PLSO community as a kid, ultimately becoming a student member in 1987. He has been chairman of the board twice and has been recognized for his involvement on many occasions, including Surveyor of the Year in 2006. He was awarded the Article of the Year and the Bright Idea Award in 2018. And yet, he has continued to volunteer his valuable time whenever PLSO has needed him. Since stepping up for his second term as State Chairman in 2018, he has continued to serve as the Chairman of the Rebranding Task Force, Publications Committee Chair, NSPS State Liaison, and the PLSO/ACEC Task Force charged with finding ways to create more land surveyors. Under the Publications Committee Chair, Pat reorganized the committee and its job description, leading to The Oregon Surveyor winning the Excellence in Journalism Best State Society Magazine for the May/June 2020 issue. He did this on top of continually donating photos for the cover and writing articles in addition to his Lost Surveyor column. After he stepped down as the Publications Chair (while remaining on the committee) he stepped up to take Bob Neathamer’s place as the NSPS Oregon State Director, where he hit the ground running attending the Spring Meeting at the capitol. He has continually supported our lobbyist Darrell Fuller when meeting state representatives in this role as well. Meanwhile, he has partnered with Steve Townsend and ACEC this year to collaborate on how to address the surveyor shortage in the Oregon workforce. We can’t think of someone who deserves Surveyor of the Year more. Submitted by: 1. Tim Verney, Pioneer Chapter President 2. Jered McGrath, Pioneer Chapter President-Elect 3. Brady McGarry, Pioneer Chapter Secretary 4. Erric Jones, PLSO Member 5. Tim Kent, PLSO Member Thank you Pat, for all you’ve done for the profession! We asked Pat to answer a few questions about his career.