OTLA Sidebar May/June 2020

8 • SIDEBAR • May–June 2020 $2000+ Sponsors Alvey Law Group Barton Trial Attorneys Rob Beatty-Walters Patrick Block Bowersox Law Firm Cauble Selvig & Whittington Chenoweth Law Group Corson & Johnson Law Dwyer Williams Cherkoss The Gatti Firm Johnson Johnson Lucas & Middleton Kafoury & McDougal Medical Vocational Planning — Michele Cook A huge THANK YOU to our Convention sponsors so far: Miller & Wagner Nichols Law Group Paulson Coletti Trial Attorneys Pickett Dummigan McCall Jodie Phillips Polich David Sugerman Stoll Berne Swanson Lathen Prestwich Thomas Coon Newton & Frost Vangelisti Mediation—Richard Vangelisti $1000 Sponsors American Association for Justice Erin & Earl Christison Conde Law Group Crew Janci Meyer Stephenson Employment Law Underdog Law Office Greg Zeuthen $500 Sponsors Berkshire Ginsberg Ben Cox Ronn Elzinga Eblen Freed Christopher T. Hill Shenoa Payne Richardson Wright Charles Robinowitz Charese Rohny Stebbins & Coffey Tina Stupasky Vames & Wang Injury Lawyers at time of publication